Wee Sing's first and current far only theatrical film was released to movie theatres on August 30, 1998. It made be released on September 1, 2000.


Now on Home Video! It's magical. It's musical. It's Singaling. This time Singaling is bigger, bigger, and ever and ever in his full movie feature length special. So join Singaling, Warbly, Hum Bear, Melody Mouse, Wee Peter III, and many more in Wee Sing: The Movie. Now on Home Video from PolyGram Filmed Entertainment.


  • Cody Newton
  • Abby Newton
  • Marcella
  • Baby Fig
  • Grandpa Greenfield
  • Grandma Greenfield
  • Cody and Abby's Parents


  1. Wee Sing - the Song

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