The Bitty Booties are characters from Wee Sing in Sillyville.


The Bitty Booties are the red citizens of Sillyville. As a family of six, they are the largest group in Sillyville, consisting of a father (Buddy), a mother (Betty), and their four children (oldest daughter Buffy, middle son Benny, youngest daughter Biffy, and their newborn Baby).

Buddy and Benny dress in solid red overalls with red and white plaid shirts beneath, while Betty, Buffy, and Biffy dress in red shirts beneath red and white plaid dresses with red bows in their hair. All of them also wear red boots, their namesake. The baby wears all red aside from his booties, which are white dotted with black spots and red shapes.

They speak in drawling New England Maine accents, and they seem to be somewhat lethargic individuals, spending most of their time relaxing on rocking chairs on their front porch, where the males read papers and the females cuddle dolls, or the Baby in Betty's case. Like all inhabitants of Sillyville, they love to sing and dance, and are very exuberant when doing so, though they slump back into their lethargy as soon as the song ends.

Role in the Story

Sillywhim visits the Bitty Booties with Laurie and Scott tagging along invisibly. After going through their songs, Sillywhim invites them to visit Pasha with her, but Buddy and Betty decline, saying it was time for the Baby's nap and that Pasha's purple wouldn't be good for him. Disappointed, Sillywhim politely bids them farewell and leaves.

Later, they join the other inhabitants of Sillyville when Sillywhim sprains her ankle. Betty gives Pasha her hair bow to help wrap it, and Buddy and Betty remark on how colorful and beautiful they all look together. As everyone reconciles, the Bitty Booties join in the chorus of Let Us Sing Together.


  • Risseldy Rosseldy
  • Bitty Booty Baby Had a Cold Upon His Chest
  • Let Us Sing Together


  • Buddy—David Gaylord
  • Betty—Sandra Dee Heidecke
  • Buffy—Heather Ross
  • Benny—Danny Sears
  • Biffy—Dena Marie Gonzatti
  • Baby—Ben Brooks