The UK Version of Wee Sing.


The version starts with the UK girl going downstairs with her stuffed animals The Snoodledoodles to ask her mum, and her dud and her dog. The UK girl said "Come on Snoodledoodles." So her parents said "hi Lisa." She said "Hi mum, dud, and Melanie." They said "Where are you going Lisa". She said "Going to the fair with the Snoodledoodles." So she lay down in her bedroom. Snoodledoodles said "Whoa." Melanie said "Snoodledoodles." So they sang "Trying on Dreams" and "I Just Can't Wait" at her bedroom". Snoodeledoodles said "Oh Melanie, you wanna come to The Wee Sing Fair with us." Melanie said "Sure". Snoodledoodles and Melanie said "Here we go." So their new pal named Noodle came down from the hot-air-balloon.