Wee Sing The Big Rock Candy Mountains
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Written by

Susan Hagen Nipp
Pamela Conn Beall

Directed by

Claudia Sloan


May 14, 1991


1991, 1995, 2004


The Best Christmas Ever


The Marvelous Musical Mansion

The sixth video of the Wee Sing series


  • Lisa - the main protagonist
  • Snoodle and Doodle - the deuteragonists
  • Profster, KaisoFelicity, Meecy Mice and Little Bunny Foo Foo - the tritagonists
  • The Good Fairy - the main antagonist

[[File:Episode_33.png|thumb|The Big Rock Candy Mountains (Barney & The Backyard Gang version)] [[File:Episode_33.png|thumb|The Big Rock Candy Mountains (Barney & The Backyard Gang version)]


An imaginative young girl named Lisa waits until her stuffed animals, Snoodle and Doodle, come to life and they take her to a magical place called the Big Rock Candy Mountains when her friends, Debbie and Eric, don't want to do what she wants to. When they arrive there, the Meecy Mice arrive late because of their issues with Little Bunny Foo Foo, who keeps hitting them on the head, making the Good Fairy so mad at him. How will they ever find out?[[File:Episode_33.png|thumb|The Big Rock Candy Mountains (Barney & The Backyard Gang version)]


  1. Hide and Seek Chant
  2. The Big Rock Candy Mountains (Song)
  3. Howdy-Ho-Hiya
  4. Little Bunny Foo Foo
  5. Ring Around the Rosie
  6. Follow Me
  7. Grizzly Bear
  8. Grasshoppers Three
  9. The Fly Has Married the Bumblebee
  10. Fritsy Works With One Hammer
  11. The Upward Trail
  12. This is the Way We Wash Our Hands
  13. Sarasponda
  14. Baby Birds
  15. Row, Row, Row Your Boat
  16. Nobody Likes Me
  17. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen
  18. Smile
  19. For He's a Jolly Good Fellow
  20. Right Hand, Left Hand
  21. Jimmy Crack Corn
  22. The Big Rock Candy Mountains (reprise)


  • Lisa - Kelsey White
  • Snoodle - Sandra Dee Heidecke
  • Doodle - Susan Bonde
  • Profster - Karen Boettcher-Tate
  • Kaiso - Gregory Donovan
  • Felicity - Kate Kinhan
  • Little Bunny Foo Foo - Burl Ross
  • Green Meecy Mouse - Ellie Klein
  • Peach Meecy Mouse/Puppets (Voice) - Kathy Philpott
  • Yellow Meecy Mouse - Carol Steinel
  • Good Fairy - Jacqueline Dickey
  • Eric - Kevin Malstrom
  • Debbie - Jessica Lee Mallare
  • Lisa's Mom - Renee Davis
  • Puppets (voice) - Kate Finn

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