The seventh video of the Wee Sing series

Wee Sing In The Marvelous Musical Mansion01:12:00

Wee Sing In The Marvelous Musical Mansion

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Three children named Benji, Kelly, and Alex and their Auntie Anabella go to visit their Great Uncle Rubato in his Marevelous Musical Mansion to see Meter the Mouse and Cadenza the Cat.


  1. My Aunt Came Back
  2. She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain
  3. How Do You Do?
  4. My Hat, It Has Three Corners
  5. The Orchestra Game Song
  6. Tap-A-Cappella
  7. The Ballerina's Waltz
  8. The Doodle Det Quintet
  9. The Marching Song
  10. Viva La Campagine
  11. The Melody Song
  12. The Magic of Music
  13. Hickory Dickory Dock
  14. Round the Clock
  15. Oh Where, Oh Where
  16. Clap your Hands
  17. Reuben and Rachel
  18. Hey Diddle Diddle
  19. Oh Where, Oh Where (Reprise)
  20. The Magic of Music (Reprise)
  21. When the Saints Go Marching In



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